Welcome to the Chief Analytics Officer Forum Fall
October 4 – 6
, 2016, New York

In January 2016, the Chief Analytics Officer Forum brought together over 230+ Chief Analytics Officers, Senior Analytics Experts and Innovators for its inaugural event in New York. The two days were filled with networking, high level insight and discussion, addressing the hottest topics and challenges faced by CAOs and Senior Analytics professionals. Following the success of the first instalment of the CAO Forum, we will be returning to New York for the second instalment on October 4 – 6.

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In a recent report it was said that Predictive analytics and other categories of advanced analytics represent the fastest-growing segment of the analytics market. By 2018, more than half of large organizations globally will compete using advanced analytics and proprietary algorithms, causing the disruption of entire industries. So are you and your business equipped for this change, and what tools, technologies and methodologies are out there to help you on your way? Learn about this and more within the 2 Day Main Conference at the CAO Forum, Fall 2016.

As we shift towards more predictive and prescriptive analytics, and the ever growing pool of data becomes larger through the expansion of the Internet of Things, the need is escalating for the ability to process massive amounts of structured and unstructured data quickly. Once of the hottest and most exciting trends within Big Data is at the moment is Deep Learning, which promises general, powerful, and fast machine learning, moving us one step closer to AI. Attend our 1 day, Pre-conference Focus day “Machine Learning, Deep Learning and AI for Strategic Innovation” and learn about the ways in which you can revolutionize your business and seize new opportunities though Machine Intelligence.