17 Quotes on Big Data that Will Open Your Eyes to Reality

By Corinium | December 1, 2016

  There are times when perception is not a clear representation of reality. Take for example the topic of Big Data and Analytics. The perception is that this ushers in a brave new world where there is actionable intelligence, on-demand data and sexy graphs and charts popping up on our computer screens on the fly…. Read more.

Will Artificial Intelligence help Big Data deliver on its promise?

By Corinium | December 1, 2016

One of the major trends I have been researching recently, has been the shift in interest towards Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its multiple forms and guises, and the potential it has to analyse vast quantities of data and quickly derive actionable insights. As we all know, AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning are not new…. Read more.

Will machines help humans make decisions in future? CAOs weigh in

By Corinium | December 1, 2016

  In a report recently released by PwC entitled PwC’s Data and Analytics Survey 2016: Big Decisions TM, it was revealed that “we’re at an inflection point where artificial intelligence can help business make better and faster decisions.” The said report “shows that most executives say their next big decision will rely mostly on human… Read more.