Analytics for Healthcare


Analytics for Healthcare

In recent years, organizations such as Amazon have thrust customer experience into the limelight as a key competitive differentiator leading to heightened consumers expectations from all sectors and industries  – including healthcare. Electronic Health Records and the explosion of data available to Healthcare providers presents a compelling opportunity to create value from volume. Through the use of advanced analytics, machine learning and technology, organizations can reduce costs, drive better outcomes, provide more with less, ultimately, moving to a patient-centric value-based model of Healthcare.

The Analytics for Healthcare Focus Day will establish a platform of discourse for analytical-driven leaders within this sector to share case studies, best practice and benchmark capabilities.

8.05am- 9.05am

Breakfast Roundtable: Informatics innovation and analytics

In recent years, the acquisition of data from health systems and electronic health records has resulted in a cumbersome amount of information. This data has the power to transform Healthcare Informatics. However, much of this potential value of this data will not be realized unless liberated from disparate silos and rigorous analytics employed to learn… Read more.

9.20am- 9.50am

Keynote Presentation: Implementing a strategic imperative for analytics within the healthcare enterprise

Developing the roadmap for the employment of advanced analytics to revolutionize the traditional healthcare enterprise with a modern approach to informatics. Assessing the needs of today’s healthcare environment and the case for an integrated analytics approach to boost reduce risk and optimize health outcomes, financials,  service, value-based care and precision medicine. Leveraging analytics to shift… Read more.

9.50am- 10.20am

Keynote Presentation: Evangelising analytics understanding throughout the healthcare supply chain

Which stories can aid you in gaining physicians support for analytics objectives. How do you enable the whole organization to see the role they play in data collection through to innovation. Case studies of experience.

10.20am- 10.50am

Panel Discussion: Developing the infrastructure to capitalise on advanced analytics in healthcare

Is your current analytics infrastructure keeping you from success in healthcare analytics? What are the key considerations needed to develop enterprise infrastructure to support scalable analytics and data visualization? Highlighting the opportunities for data linkage, including clinical data and claims data.

11.20am- 11.50am

Keynote Presentation: Implementing a measurable framework for analytical success

Creating a culture of accountability and performance management to deliver on patient needs. Contextualizing the right metrics to achieve your objectives. How do you measure the impact of analytics projects in a decentralized environment?

11.50am - 12.20pm

Keynote Presentation: Harnessing analytical capabilities for a value-based future in healthcare

Transitioning from volume to value and enhancing patient experience by delivering scalable actionable insights is no mean feat, requiring the re-imagination of processes through an agile architecture that uses analytics, technology and organizational design. How do healthcare providers build a value-based health care system of the future? What are the considerations needed?

12.20pm- 12.50pm

Keynote Presentation: Critical success factors – transforming patient data into actionable insights

With patient data being ever more pervasive than ever, how do you move towards the ubiquitous use of analytics and value extraction. Enhancing your structured data offering by combining it with data aggregation from unstructured disparate silos to build a more complete view of patient’s health. From initiative to value! Communicating the importance of insights… Read more.

1.50pm- 2.20pm

Keynote Presentation: Leveraging clinical analytics for improving clinical trial outcomes

Defining Clinical Analytics – understanding the capabilities and usefulness of insights in the clinical development program. Developing metrics for big data analysis in clinical trials – handling industry best practice and company specific metrics. Mining different layers of data – the challenges of clinical data analysis and visualization for stakeholders. Harmonizing data – how to… Read more.

2.20pm- 2.50pm

Keynote Presentation: Predictive analytics for care management and patient care

Improving predictive analytics understanding within your organisation to create an agile response to insights extracted. Integrating predictive analytics into the workflow to maximize service delivery. Use cases for predictive analytics including risk calculation going beyond readmissions probability metrics to successfully determine the optimum time for discharging a patient.

2.50pm- 3.20pm

Keynote Presentation: Advanced analytics in support of digitized patient experience

Define the initial steps needed to begin the journey of digital transformation in healthcare and what this means for quality of care and empowering practitioners to allow patients to participate in their own healthcare management. Embedding the benefits of next-generation healthcare digital patient experience into your analytics strategy. Identify opportunities for greater connectivity within the… Read more.

3.20pm- 3.50pm

Panel Discussion: Shifting from a reactive to proactive approach to population health

Highlight the challenges fraught with transitioning to a preventative paradigm with increased focus on positive health outcomes. Best practices in aggregating clinical and claims data for segmentation and minimizing costs from treating chronically illness. What are patients doing when not in the hospital? Understanding behavioral patterns externally to the hospital and intrinsic connection to the… Read more.

4.20pm- 4.50pm

Keynote Presentation: Harnessing analytics for personalization and precision health applications

The idea of personalization and precision medicine is fundamentally compounded by the ability to provide better, more efficient healthcare. But what steps are needed to deliver on the promise of personalized medicine and improve patient-provider collaboration? Examining the major technological trends for big data analytics, automation and hybrid cloud as well as consequences for empowering… Read more.

4.50pm- 5.20pm

Keynote Presentation: The future of interconnected healthcare technology

Review the trends in healthcare technology including patient sensors and opportunities for analytics. Overcoming legacy systems to integrate new data sets with old data archives. Promoting new technology within your organisation and gaining executive backing for investment.

5.20pm- 5.50pm

Panel Discussion: Examining the deployment of Machine Learning to revolutionize healthcare models

Analysis of Machine Learning capabilities and how it’s being used to disrupt predicting chronic illness to using healthcare analytics to reduce hospital readmission’s. Case studies on the deployment of machine learning in healthcare environments. Breaking down silos and evangelizing technological education throughout the whole enterprise to foster innovation.

5.50pm- 7.00pm

Drinks Reception