Abhinav Anand

Abhinav Anand

Job Title: Managing Director

Company: Goldman Sachs

Seasoned business professional with strengths in Decision Sciences, Risk Management and Financial Planning in retail banking. Demonstrated leadership capability, including ability to hire, train, mentor, retain and empower others. Abhinav is also the Head of Analytics, Consumer Lending, with overall responsibility for customer analytics (marketing, credit, operations), financial planning, decision sciences and data management.

Speaking at the following:

2.00pm - 2.45pm
Discussion Group 1C: Creating an architecture for analytics

Discussing the ecosystem of data warehouses/lakes/the cloud, what is needed to build and effective analytics environment. Examining the benefits and pit falls of each approach. Discussing what is needed in this new world of analytics, with ever growing data sets, fringe data, upgraded tools and processes and security threats, how do you build the right… Read more.

2.15pm - 3.00pm
Discussion Group 4C: Assessing the impact and opportunities presented through new data sources

Examining the ways in which new movements such as the IoT and smart mobility etc. is impacting business, changing competition and the ways in which you organize your company. What opportunities do new data sources such as IoT, web, social, mobile, and ecommerce present? How can Chief Analytics Officers ensure their organization is successfully exploiting… Read more.

10.30am - 11.00am
Panel Discussion: Life beyond the honeymoon period – Continuing to prove value as the CAO

Where are you in the analytics curve – where are the opportunities to grow? Analytics maturity and what vectors should you be looking at. What do you do after you get past the ‘religious stage’ how do you prove real ROI? How can we shift our time and focus from ensuring data quality and data… Read more.