Babak Shafiei

Babak Shafiei

Job Title: Director, Enterprise Business Intelligence

Company: Suncor Energy

Babak Shafiei is a passionate and pragmatic leader with experience in delivering large and transformational analytic projects across many industries. He is experienced in building highly effective analytic organizations and consulting practices that accelerate data and analytic capabilities. His deep technical expertise blended leadership experience has been instrumental in transforming analytic capabilities at Deloitte, and IBM. Babak is currently standing up a transformational business intelligence and analytic organization in a major oil and gas company focused on self-serve reporting, advance analytic and machine learning. In his free time, Babak explores consumer technologies with application in business operations, composes music and plays piano.

Speaking at the following:

2.15pm - 3.00pm
Discussion Group 4B: Structuring teams for success and business integration

Examining which company dynamics impact the way in which you structure your team and why they matter? Defining the operating model – what is the best way to organize your teams to be effective and deliver services in the most efficient way? Discussing the challenges around business integration, how do you embed analytics within your… Read more.

3.00pm - 3.45pm
Panel Discussion: Leveraging Machine Learning and advanced analytics to deliver business value

Best practices in choosing, designing, and implementing from the portfolio of analytical methods including real-time, geospatial, machine learning, statistical, and “big data” Discussing ways to operationalize the results from advanced analytics and models and put them in to action? How do we integrate Internet of Things, pervasive sensing, and the cloud into my companies existing… Read more.

4.45pm - 5.15pm
Panel Discussion: New Technology, disruption and innovation

What is the next generation of technology for the delivery of analytics? In what ways can these new and disruptive technologies transform and innovate your business and provide new opportunities? Case study examples – what are the future use cases, and what exciting projects are already in the pipeline?