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Analytics for Financial Services

The rapid prioritization of data as a strategic asset in Financial Services has been a byproduct of a highly regulated environment. However, with so much emphasis placed on Data Governance for compliance, Financial Services often struggle with implementing analytical capabilities to drive value extraction from their information resources – which is critical to compete in today’s digitally-charged marketplace.

Join the Analytics for Financial Services Focus Day to understand how leaders are leveraging analytics to transition from cost center to profit center, compete with Fintech, bolster customer insights, pricing products, loan optimization, performance management and minimize risk.

7.45am- 8.45am

Breakfast Roundtable: Exploiting Blockchain disruption for financial services

Like the internet, Blockchain promises to revolutionize multiple industries, particularly the financial services. The benefits of Blockchain’s shared digital-ledger framework provide the opportunity to enhance security and optimize efficiency for banks in several key business areas such as loyalty, payments, asset management and loans. Topics of discussion: An introduction to Blockchain. Impact on the financial… Read more.

Sanjeev Kumar
Managing Director, Data and Cognitive - State Street

9.00am- 9.30am

Keynote Presentation: Shifting the lens of Data Governance from regulatory compliance to analytics

Expanding the remit of data and analytics past regulatory needs and switching to an ‘offensive’ approach. Data as a corporate asset – how to move the data analytics function from cost center to profit center. Structuring Data Governance and analytics to optimize outcomes.


9.30am- 10.00am

Keynote Presentation: Using a data catalog to lift your data out of the fog

Before you can execute any data-oriented project, you must know what data you have and where it is located. Find out how to lift the data fog so business users can convert data into actionable business intelligence. Learn how Waterline Data financial services customers use a data catalog to make their data known and accessible,… Read more.

Todd Goldman
Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer - Waterline Data

9.30am- 10.00am

Keynote Presentation: Leveraging big data analytics for business value

Defining a big data analytics journey. Analyzing unstructured data for deep client insights. Understanding the shopping journey to optimize conversion. Creating real-time personalization capabilities to improve client experience. Knowing the critical success factors in your big data journey.

John F. Carter
SVP, Analytics & Business Insight - Charles Schwab

10.30am- 11.00am

Panel Discussion: Evolving analytics in financial services beyond regulatory compliance

Examining the challenges and steps needed to begin your insights-driven transformation. What can be done to convince internal stakeholders of the sheer importance of analytics. When should you begin to build out your analytics maturity? Reactivity to pro-activity – Discussing strategies in strengthening regulatory compliance efficacy by building an ethos of agile and automated data… Read more.

Ivan Sergienko, PhD, CFA
Director of Data Science & Analytics at Global Banking & Markets - Scotiabank

11.30am- 12.00am

Keynote Presentation: Case study – developing analytical capability

Evaluating the journey to becoming an analytically-driven organization and key lessons learned. Strategies for integrating all aspects needed for an effective analytics function including people, governance and technology. Architecting an insights-driven culture to effect and evolve core banking and finance divisions.

Arun GunduRao
Executive Director - Head of Analytics and Data Science - Morgan Stanley

12.00am- 12.30am

Keynote Presentation: Managing analytics for customer value creation

Understanding how to make marketing decisions based on big data. Highlighting the power of an incremental solution based strategy to solving specific financial services problems. Leveraging analytics in support of digital engagement and overcoming legacy database integration.


12.30pm- 1.30pm

Panel Discussion: Empowering financial marketers and deepening customer relationships through analytics understanding and application

Creating intimate, personalized and convenient customer relationships in the age of digital. Highlight how financial services can remain competitive in relation to customer experience and what customers expect from today’s businesses. Evolving platforms for engagement and new trends.

Connie Zhang
VP, Enterprise Risk Management & Chief Data Office - Bank of China
Scott Hallworth
Chief Data Officer & Chief Model Risk Officer - Capital One
Lori Bieda
VP, Business Analytics and Insights - BMO
Sanjay Sidhwani
SVP, Marketing Analytics - Synchrony Financial

2.00pm- 2.30pm

Keynote Presentation: Utilizing credit risk analytics to enhance the client experience

Best practice in taking a holistic, cross-functional view of your organization to identify key areas to optimize profitability and performance management for client experience. Building a “quant shop” that goes from building models to facilitating client satisfaction. Getting the word out, and “marketing” your group’s wares.

Stephen Boras
Executive VP, Head of Risk Architecture - Citizens Bank

2.30am- 3.00pm

Keynote Presentation: Adding value to finance and risk functions through improved analytics

Understand how to bolster value add to all lines of business by implementing simplistic modelling and improved analytics. Discover how you can improve targeting, pricing, more predictive credit and liquidity models, and better plan your capital spend through greater emphasis on analyst activities. Evaluate the importance in the organizational data value chain and foster a… Read more.


3.00pm- 3.30pm

Keynote Presentation: Transforming anti-money laundering & fraud detection through analytics & data visualization

Examining the trends in financial crime and the methods used by traffickers and hackers to avoid detection. Use cases of analytics and data visualization to monitor the flow of money and better observe discrepancies. The benefits of data sharing between customs, tax and legal authorities in creating better efficiency and effectiveness in dealing with fraud… Read more.

4.00pm- 4.30pm

Keynote Presentation: The art of data product management – from instrumentation to insights

Understanding the business case for big data products in developing and agile response to customer behavior; ensuring sustained competitive advantage with the big tech giants. Connecting the dots along the customer journey and developing more from your intelligence and analytics, defining the customer experience and applying this to specific consumer use cases. Real case studies… Read more.

Girish Balasubramanian
VP, Product Strategy, Customer Experience and Analytics - Western Union Digital Ventures

4.30pm- 5.00pm

Keynote Presentation: Modernization and delivery of analytics within a legacy organization

Evaluating the means of improved analytical adoption by aligning strategy around business outcomes and fixing capabilities around business features. How to incorporate data and analytics tactfully into an operational workflow. Scaling out modernization and implications from an operating model standpoint. How do you support it?

Rajiv Sinha
Managing Director, Enterprise Data Analytics & Personalization - TD Ameritrade

5.00pm- 5.30pm

Panel Discussion: Harnessing analytics in support of digital transformation and agile innovation in financial services

Examine how to create an architecture which supports a partnership between digital and analytics. What are the opportunities for innovation in online/mobile payments, money transfers, P2P lending, digital security, asset management and wealth? Evaluating the means to challenge traditional models of operation, best practices to remain competitive with fintech, and evaluating strengths already held within… Read more.

Arun GunduRao
Executive Director - Head of Analytics and Data Science - Morgan Stanley

5.30pm- 7.00pm

Drinks Reception