Alongside our 2-day Main Conference Agenda and Focus Days, we also give you a fantastic opportunity to learn from experts in an intimate environment with our three expert-led Masterclasses. These 2 hour informal, classroom style seminars, give you the opportunity to ask the questions you want the answers to. Join us to discuss ways to evolve your company culture to be more insights driven, utilize experimental analytics, as well as the key to talent retention, through aggressive skills development.


8.30am- 10.30am

Masterclass A – Building a culture of data within an organization

Creating an effective culture of data within an organization requires talented analysts and data scientists but there is so much more needed to succeed across business units. The session will explore building compelling narratives around data, the balance between speed and rigor, demonstrating business value and building relationships across business units. Key topics covered: Where… Read more.

Jeff Bodzewski
Chief Analytics Officer - M Booth

8.30am- 10.30am

Masterclass B – Do you know, or do you think you know? Incorporating business experiments into strategy development

Within this interactive session we will be introducing the concept of business testing, demonstrating how companies are using it to gain insight and increase profitability. Content includes a step-by-step guide for changing, creating, or improving a testing culture, a primer on key testing-related concepts for senior leaders and executives, action plans on how to address… Read more.

Andy Pulkstenis
Director, Advanced Analytics - State Farm Insurance

8.30am- 10.30am

Masterclass C – Talent, the driving force of a world-class analytics capability – Maximizing impact, engagement and retention through talent development

Practical concepts that can be readily applied by analytics leaders to increase employees’ engagement, resilience, and to boost the team’s ability to initiate, fund, and deliver projects as well as drive adoption of analytics systems. Key topics covered: Mindfulness concepts to increase employee resilience and reduce stress. Diversity and inclusion concepts to drive engagement and… Read more.

Daniel Caraviello
Global Leader, Strategic Alliances and Talent Acquisition, Data Science and Informatics - Dow Agrosciences