Breakfast Roundtable A: People analytics: ‘Moneyball’ for human resources

Time: 8.00am - 9.00am

  • Understanding your business – In what positive ways can a People analytics function impact the organization and drive competitive advantage?
  • HR as a strategic business partner – strategies for winning hearts and minds.
  • How to staff a People Analytics function? What core skills and competencies do you need?
  • What challenges are faced when implementing change via a people analytics function? What cultural barriers are there and how can they be overcome?
  • Creating a holistic view of your business – discussing the technological and cultural challenges surrounding this and in what ways can they be solved?
  • The importance of partnerships and relationship management – convincing internal departments you are there to help not hinder.
  • With a lack of talent within the analytics marketplace, what strategies are available to help attract analytics talent and what should he onboarding look like?
  • What strategies are available for addressing analytical talent attrition? What motivates them to stay and what causes them to want to leave?