Andy Pulkstenis

Andy Pulkstenis

Job Title: Director, Advanced Analytics

Company: State Farm Insurance

Andy Pulkstenis is a Director of Analytics for State Farm Insurance. He leads a team of advanced analytics professionals providing statistical analysis and predictive modeling support for the enterprise across a variety of business units. His background includes over a decade of experience improving business strategies with designed multivariate experiments.

Pulkstenis received his MS degree in statistics from Penn State University and holds a BA in mathematics (statistics minor) from Messiah College. He has spent nearly 20 years in applied business analytics with Trilogy Consulting, Capital One and now State Farm Insurance, with particular focus on predictive modeling, experimental design and statistical recruiting. When not working, Pulkstenis enjoys spending time with his family, NHL hockey and NFL football.

Speaking at the following:

8.30am - 10.30am
Masterclass B – Do you know, or do you think you know? Incorporating business experiments into strategy development

Within this interactive session we will be introducing the concept of business testing, demonstrating how companies are using it to gain insight and increase profitability. Content includes a step-by-step guide for changing, creating, or improving a testing culture, a primer on key testing-related concepts for senior leaders and executives, action plans on how to address… Read more.

12.00pm - 12.45pm
Discussion Group 3B: External partnerships and collaborations for industry wide growth and innovation

Creating ‘win-win’ scenarios through cross industry and academic partnerships In what ways can specific partnerships help drive growth and innovation? What communities are out there already that enables data sharing, and innovation? Establishing collaboration between academia and business – How best can we facilitate data science knowledge exchange between academia and business to benefit both… Read more.

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