Eric Daly

Eric Daly

Job Title: VP, Data Science and Analytics

Company: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Eric Daly is currently the Vice President of Data Science and Analytics for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, where he has been for the last eleven years.  His responsibilities include strategy and analysis for driving profitability in the home entertainment market including the forecasting of title demand, assessment of market trends, effects of new technology, test and learn experimentation, deep analysis and segmentation associated with retail partner data, and the greenlighting of new films and television shows.

Prior to joining Sony Pictures, Eric was a Senior Manager at Gateway and was responsible for business planning and forecasting.  Previously, he was a Systems Programmer for IBM following his stint with the USA Men’s Volleyball Team where he was both a player and team manager.  Eric has a BS in Computer Science from MIT, an MS in Statistics from UCLA, and an MBA from the Anderson School of Business.

Speaking at the following:

12.45pm - 1.30pm
Discussion Group 4A: Storytelling and the art of the possible

The art of storytelling – why this skill is so important for your team. Examining the importance of tailoring the communication of your knowledge and insights for your audience. The Chief Analytics Officer as the bridge – Communicating the value of your analytics team and their successes to the business in an easily understandable and… Read more.