Gahl Berkooz

Gahl Berkooz

Job Title: Chief Data & Analytics Officer

Company: Acorns

Dr. Gahl Berkooz os Chief Data & Analytics Officer at Acorns and recently he was Global Chief of Analytics at General Motors analytics. Prior, he established the Information Management and Analytics function at Ford IT. He built the function to over 100 professionals, and $10 Million in revenue by developing and deploying a portfolio of Information Management and Analytics services and a technology architecture. Dr. Berkooz delivered close to $2 Billion of savings and cost avoidance in business operations through analytics and improved data. In 2015 he was recruited to be on the founding team of Ford’s newly established Global Data Insight and Analytics Business Unit in the role of Head of Data and Governance. His responsibilities include Data Standards, Data Quality, Data Governance, and Ford’s Data Supply Chain. He holds a Ph.D in Applied Mathematics from Cornell University. He is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School and a Six Sigma Black Belt.

Speaking at the following:

4.30pm - 5.00pm
Keynote Presentation: Building a better car company with analytics

Using data analytics to understand the complexities of modern business. You can’t separate data and analytics – the importance of data curation and understanding the business problem. The three pillars of business transformation: Strategy development, execution, and change management Examining the ways in which analytics has impacted General Motors so far and the future trajectory.

8.00am - 9.00am
Breakfast Roundtable B: Advanced analytics for Manufacturing – Reducing process flaws, saving time and money.

Discussing the benefits of utilizing Big Data and Advanced Analytics within the manufacturing space – Increasing the accuracy, quality and yield. Discussing the need to accelerate the integration of IT, manufacturing and operational systems. How much data to you have, how accessible is it and do you have the skills and systems in place to… Read more.

12.30pm - 1.00pm
Panel Discussion: The road to becoming a Chief Analytics Officer – Driving business engagement and success

What is the typical road to becoming a Chief Analytics Officer, is there one? Where is the optimal place for a Chief Analytics Officer to sit within the business, what should their remit be and what core skills do they need to be successful? What key strategies do you need to employ to drive engagement… Read more.