Nona Janssen Walls

Nona Janssen Walls

Job Title: SVP, IT, Enterprise Data & Analytics

Company: Lionsgate

Nona’s love for people, process, technology, and data began long before the phrase “BIG DATA” was coined. For decades, she has helped management and executives make sense of seemingly disparate data in the retail, financial services, grocery, fashion, hi tech and telecom industries, but her heart lies in entertainment.

Nona currently leads a dynamic team of analysts, developers, and data scientists who provide Lionsgate and its related brands with agile solutions for all aspects of media production, marketing, sales, distribution, finance, and direct to consumer SVOD delivery.

The age of monolithic, inflexible, legacy ERP systems is giving way to an era of constant deployment and an accelerated feedback cycle which insists on immediate satisfaction. We must embrace this environment of constant change and proactively disrupt our own landscapes or risk being leapfrogged by newer, more nimble companies. Anything and everything can be made smarter, more immediate, and more personalized. Our responsibility to our companies, industries and global economy is to identify the efficient, profitable ways to generate and distribute “Smart Analytics” to attract and retain the interest of our ever-changing audience.

Speaking at the following:

2.45pm - 3.30pm
Discussion Group 2C: To Cloud or not to Cloud? – When to do it, how, why and how to Secure it

What are the benefits of hosting your data and analytics efforts in the cloud and when should you seek to utilize this technology? The practical side of cloud implementation – How do you effectively manage the implementation of cloud services within your business? Exploring the best way to dip your toes and build a scalable… Read more.

5.00pm - 5.30pm
Happy Hour Panel Discussion: Shaping the enterprise of the future

With new technologies come new possibilities – In what ways can new technological advancements transform your business and provide new opportunities? How will changes in company culture and hunger for data and analytics shape the future of businesses and in what ways might this impact company structure and expectations? How is new technology going to… Read more.

8.00am - 9.00am
Breakfast Roundtable B: Whose customer is it anyway?!

What strategies can be employed to enhance the customer relationship with a consumer that you have no direct contact with? The importance of data – how to access direct consumer data when you don’t own it? What are the work arounds and other ways to engage and track your customers? How do you build loyalty… Read more.

12.30pm - 1.00pm
Panel Discussion: The road to becoming a Chief Analytics Officer – Driving business engagement and success

What is the typical road to becoming a Chief Analytics Officer, is there one? Where is the optimal place for a Chief Analytics Officer to sit within the business, what should their remit be and what core skills do they need to be successful? What key strategies do you need to employ to drive engagement… Read more.

12.45pm - 1.30pm
Discussion Group 4A: Storytelling and the art of the possible

The art of storytelling – why this skill is so important for your team. Examining the importance of tailoring the communication of your knowledge and insights for your audience. The Chief Analytics Officer as the bridge – Communicating the value of your analytics team and their successes to the business in an easily understandable and… Read more.